May. 17th, 2009 11:47 pm
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Today we hit Little Tokyo~

We could have stuck around longer and did more stuff, but idk idk idk. Friend is all "boo hoo I have a job during the week and I'm tired" yeah. So it was a quick trip, followed by a stop for sushi and visiting a few beauty supply places and Baskin Robbins.

A PRETTY GOOD DAY though little sister is all baww about not visiting Jungle Anime or Sanrio this time. Also: no immediate fridge stops meant no creampuffs were coming home. :(

I never noticed this Italian Restaurant though it's kind of... there. Hilariously there, almost. I'm a bit unsure about the name "Capperi," though. Nevertheless, I immediately think of KHR. That is how lame I am. WHERE IS TENTH? >:(

I wonder if their food is good?

Have I mentioned that I really don't eat out at Italian joints at all? lol...

This is the table after we hit Kinokuniya, Marukai, and some little gift shop where I found a tiny bento box with a squirrel on it. I wasn't supposed to spend money. I swore I wouldn't. How did I come home with the Persona 4 artbook and that club book and a bag full of pan and ramune and one of those huge bottles of Calpico? HALP.

I was only supposed to get the shinai! (I need to stop playing with that thing)

Warning: I am not photogenic and hate cameras with the passion of a thousand stereotypical native shaman people who are afraid of machines stealing their souls. D: But.

Oh, that table was over at Mikawaya where I got... drumroll? JESUSINACONE RED BEAN ICE CREEEEAM~ Mochi's not so much my thing, but this ice cream? I'd contemplate horrible, illegal things for this ice cream. It is the way to my heart. I love it dearly and you should too! (Old offer was: if you ever magically find yourself in LA, Kat will take you to Disneyland! That still stands, but with an addition: we will feast on red bean. OM. NOM. NOM.)

After Little Tokyo, we gorged ourself on half-off sushi at Ichiban (which is possibly a travesty, since we were someplace with Good Sushi, but whatever. CHEAP IS IMPORTANT when you're paying for two people. (f-forty dollars. ;A;) Then we stopped at a discount shoe place and I got some Chucks for twenty bucks. Also there were crappy men's sunglasses for cheap and we had a good ole time popping the lenses out for girl!Souji cosplay. I also got a wig head at the beauty supply joint.

My sister broke out her markers. Oh dear.

Oh. Oh God.

lol, when did my hair become fuzzy? I attribute that look of nauseated horror to her "make-up." I guess now I need to name her.

Is okay, bb. I still loves u. ♥

Imagine how many stupid pictures there would be if I was good about taking pictures... and if I'd charged my batteries. D:

I won't be able to eat for days now.
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