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askfldjaskfs been up since 4:30 in the morning.

and I have a sunburn on my nose.

and I feel really disgusting because the lake bed was all dusty and getting there was kind of desert-y and I had to drive through a bit of Palmdale and whenever the rockets went up, I got sulfur and wadding in my face.


Me? I'm going to go see Up instead. ♥

DETAILS (ie: rockets? wtf are you talking about, Kat?) TO BE POSTED LATER~
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So exhausted I'll probably just drop when I'm done with this, so.

☇We went to UNION STATION today! I. Have probably never been to Union Station and if I have, I cannot remember doing so. It is pertiful. One day I'll do that really outdated memelist with 25 things you probably don't know about me, and I won't have to mention my love and appreciation for architecture. I wish I had taken a class on Los Angeles architecture. ART DECO! *drools all over battleship linoleum*
☇OH YEAH. So we were going to Union Station because they're having this big to-do about A Christmas Carol and Charles Dickens. So we get there and pay seven bucks to park and my sister is all like this: *_* ...and then we get to the line and hear that it will take five hours to get in. At least.
☇So at this point we all wound up in Burbank and went to see Terminator, which was pretty awesome in that "YAY EXPLOSIONS!" "KICK ASS, CHRISTIAN BALE!" "LOL JOHN CONNOR IS JESUS!" "THIS MOVIE FINDS NEW AND UNUSUAL WAYS OF HIDING COCK!" "I SEE WHUT U DID THAR, 'I'LL BE BACK'" I'm sure if I judged it on a more intellectual level, it would fail, but WOO. (Also there was this hilarious moment where apparently John Connor becomes the Wile E Coyote to motorcycle!robot's Roadrunner. Sort of. l-lol.)
☇But before that we stopped off at Ross so I could spend money I don't have. I went up to checkout with... an LA Dodgers jersey, a Playboy coffee mug, and the Hooter's cookbook. I'm... not sure what that says. I'm a classy, classy gal.
☇We wanted tacos because... tacos! But taco house is closed because it's a family establishment and apparently they want to have family time? idk. So we ended up going to a little Chinese buffet. It was pretty good. Stuffed myself with seafood and rangoons and holyshitgaiz RED BEAN BUNS. And these delicious sesame balls with red bean. OH LAWDY SO GOOD.
☇Which leaves me tired and hating the fact that I have to work tomorrow. ;_;

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& I guess people are going to the beach or... stuff.

I think tomorrow we're going to go see the Christmas Carol train over at Union Station. It is filled with Charles Dickins memorabilia. He was never really my thing, but it's interesting and it's something to do, so. Hopefully I'll be able to find Scurrius the travelling squirrel. I want to try to start him up a blog or webpage or something. (Of course, that would involve me actually going places and remembering my camera. haha, funny)


I am trapped in a flood of dirty clothes )

Now I'm sweltering and trying to find a youtube video I can convert into audio and splice together for a ringtone out of Eden of the East. Since. I mean, it's hard to do much else when you're babysitting a washing machine.

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→ new aim sn: Miss Yasogami!

It doubles as both a way to not be a hopeless hermit and a reminder to GET MY COSPLAYING SHIT TOGETHER. lolwhoops.

SO TODAY I DID NOTHING. It was great, though I had intended on writing and that didn't factor into the category of "Nothing." There's always tomorrow, I guess~ Still, it was super nice to lounge around, have time to make eggs in the morning, etcetc. Especially since the weather decided to go from cold to 80 degrees within a twenty-four hour time period.

Wednesday I think I'll either attempt some of my backlog's "in progress," or watch some Black Lagoon. ♥

Tomorrow, on the other hand? I think I'll be craving an authentic taco all day.


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