May. 17th, 2009 11:47 pm
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Today we hit Little Tokyo~

We could have stuck around longer and did more stuff, but idk idk idk. Friend is all "boo hoo I have a job during the week and I'm tired" yeah. So it was a quick trip, followed by a stop for sushi and visiting a few beauty supply places and Baskin Robbins.

A PRETTY GOOD DAY though little sister is all baww about not visiting Jungle Anime or Sanrio this time. Also: no immediate fridge stops meant no creampuffs were coming home. :(

idiot picspam is filled with idiocy. )

Imagine how many stupid pictures there would be if I was good about taking pictures... and if I'd charged my batteries. D:

I won't be able to eat for days now.


May. 12th, 2009 09:53 am
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My arm hurts.

So yesterday I washed my car. I really should have done some before and after shots because the amount of grime it accumulated was tantamount to epic. We keep getting these funny weather spells where it almostnotquite rains and that only worsens things. Also it's spring and the tree has been dripping its treesplooge all over my car. It seems to like fall and spring for fucking things up.

SO BACK TO MY CAR: I hand washed it. It was kind of fun and soothing at first, but then I had to use this magical liquid to scour the sap off my car. I managed to get it off everything except the very top (where I couldn't reach)... and my windshield.

I need a straight razor, now.


And now my whole arm is terribly sore. It feels nice when I wrap it in a blanket. I should go to work like that. With a giant blanket arm.

(AS FOR CRAZYPURCHASEWOOO DAY? I did it. ♥ I just need to set everything up to my liking on the Mini and get reacquainted with windows xp.)
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Unnecessary recap:
☇was successful in hiding newly acquired wig from anyone wishing to try it on with his/her enormous head. The list is sadly rather long. I don't know how I'm going to hid it once I finally get a wig head to perch it on.
☇wound up buying the last mother's day card in the city, it seems. it said "happy mother's day, mommy!" I fail at being a proper daughter. or I would if I hadn't preordered her cosmetics.
☇bought more sunglasses. returning handbags. 'round & 'round we go~
strongly considering purchasing a netbook as best buy is doing another "no interest for 18 months if paid in full" thing and I know for a fact I can pay off four-hundred bucks in a year and a half. this would force me to pick up a little something extra to bump the total up to 499. like an orange ipod. oh noes.
☇going to Universal Citywalk on Wednesday for Utada's album signing. ♥
☇...which just makes me want to play Kingdom Hearts again. :X
☇realization: CRAP. Devil Summoner 2 comes out on Tuesday & that means I'm going to be getting two copies. akdflasjfdklsafd eighty bucks. ;A;
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☇ I returned FMA season 2 today with full intentions to pocket the money and put it away for Souji's wig, but then I saw Psych season 2 on sale and aslkfjaslfs.

☇ It's still 90 degrees. It didn't seem that hot today. I think it's the fact that it's nighttime that makes it worse. I want ice cream~~~

☇ I GOT MY FREE-PASS FOR DISNEYLAND! Considering I can get into Disneyland for free on my birthday anyway, that nets me like... fifty bucks in Disney cash for the day. I CAN'T WAIT.

☇ brb, raiding the freezer.


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