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& it really better be, since I just splurged on a wig. ♥

I've already got the shoes, and knee high socks. The shoes are super comfy, since I wore them in for about a month at work, and the socks. Well. I'm a firm believer in knee-high socks going with everything, and especially being good when you can see them, so that isn't much of a feat.

The wig should be here by next week. I was deciding between charcoal grey and a lighter, more silvery tone and it was driving me nuts. The folks in game development clearly couldn't decide on a color because in art and in-game, he has a darker, more charcoal color to his hair, but in the cutscenes it seems a lot lighter. Fanart confused me even more. All the silvery ones I found seemed a bit too light and there was one that was pretty okay-- kind of in-between, but the length wasn't good enough. I HOPE THIS ISN'T LIKE, GOING TO TURN OUT TOO DARK, BUT. Augh. I hate shopping online.

I have a houndstooth skirt that I'm debating dying and... idk what else to it. I love the fabric (Houuuundstooooth~~~), but I have no clue what strange sizing system the company it was made by had. It's labeled as a 16. I'm a size 12. Why... does it not fit? It even says it's a misses. AND IT'S HIGH WAISTED. And I have an hourglass figure, so in theory it should fit even better. I've tried it on during all times of the month and it doesn't close. I think we're just going to try to add elastic or something to it. It's a nice skirt! Just... what the hell.

I was considering dying it a more grey color, but. Like I said-- nice skirt. And it looks grey from far away, so. I GUESS WE'LL SEE. Houuuundstoooth.

The top is going to be a bitch because I mostly have no clue what I'm getting into here. I guess I have two choices: Either modify an existing shirt, if I can find one well-made enough. That would involve adding the collar part and all the pretty yellow, and sewing in some stitches. Or just going from scratch. ffffff

Accessories shouldn't be too, too hard in theory. I know I can pick up a shinai (or something approximating thereof) no problem at Little Tokyo (and I think we're going on the 17th, so. Yay!). I almost had a pair of glasses that were perfect. The shape was spot-on and they were grey. I just had to pop out the lenses as they were sunglasses... but they're shatter resistent and we ended up destroying the actual frames. Oops?

I also want to mock up some Tarot cards. I was thinking of making The Fool, The World, and Judgement. ♥

Unfortunately, I don't know where to find a Yousuke to complain and tag behind me and call me Partner. :( If all goes well, though, I'll have my kid sister prancing behind me as Alice!Teddie.

I'm not entirely sure what other costumes I'm going to go for this year. I think it's too late in the game to start up and finish the Grell cosplay, unless I go for butler!Grell, but...

If my sister steps up her game, we're going to pull a joint venture in Darker Than Black. She'll be teenager Amber, and I'll be the Amber we see for .5 seconds, when she's in her twenties. (we're pretty similar in some ways, so we thought it'd be nifty) I'm not sure if I'll do it without her, though, since... auggghh, another wig, but we'll see.

Depending on what the wig looks like, I might be able to pull off the Martial Arts TURK from Before Crisis. The bangs might be a little off, but the color should be spot on. I'll just need to fix the blazer (which I ripped at AX07) and find my leather gloves.

akdlsajkdfldfs TWO MORE MONTHS.


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